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Matador Industries – logical change

Since January 1, 2011 Matador Automotive located in Dubnica nad Váhom, as a member of the Matador Group, has introduced itself to the public and particularly to its customers under the changed name Matador Industries a.s.

"The reason for renaming the company is a clearer definition of the status of the company on the market" – explains the CEO of the company, Ing. Martin Kele - "We want a clearer indication of our focus and the potential to be active in the general engineering, as an up-to-date name representing the total specific area of industry – automotive, represents. The board of directors of the company had decided to change the name," – adds Martin Kele.

Matador Industries a.s. in Dubnica faces significant performance this year. In the past year, partners from Dubnica completed the transfer of the technology to the pressing tools production, although primarily intended for automotive industry customers, but so far mainly used by internal customers from the Matador Group – predominantly by Matador Automotive Vráble. This separate division is technologically equipped and its capacity is ready to provide quality services to customers even outside the Matador Group with the ambition to not only participate in the production of tools, but also to offer a possibility of cooperation in its development.

Matador Industries a.s. is ready and equipped to provide customers with quality products for a variety of other industries - whether we mention the energy field, precision products for the petrochemical industry, food industry, or extensive manufacturing engineering of medical technology program. From the original production portfolio, the rubber industry machinery remains in the scope of activities. As of an experience of recent years, it offers customers not only precise and reliable production, which are often extremely complex products and technology units, but also offers development capacities.

Thirdly, an important aim of Matador Industries a.s. in Dubnica nad Váhom is further development in turning the mechanical engineering departments into automated and robotized ones - the compilation, production and programming of welding, pressing and assembly factory lines for several mechanical engineering sectors.

"We believe, that the change of the company name to Matador Industries strengthens its position within the Central European Area and introduces us better as a responsible and highly technologically equipped partner in the general engineering industry, industrial automation and producing of pressing tools" - concludes the interview CEO of the company, Ing. Martin Kele - "I believe, that this change will bring more opportunities to show, what we are capable of."

Dušan Koblišek
Spokesman of the Matador Group